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What our customers are saying about our Rox Lite (RL150), DRX and SRX attenuators:

It is so clear and transparent and maintains the natural tonal qualities of my amplifiers regardless of the final output volume level.

The DRX allows me to get the best guitar sound possible from any of the amps I own at a resonable volume levels without sacrificing my sound.

The new SRX attenuator is a perfect ...

This DRX sounds amazing!

It's (SRX) really amazing how can I crank my really LOUD 100 watt Weber Mywatt amp at bedroom level!

The Aracom attenuation technology is the most transparent that I�ve tested

I really love this new (DRX) attenuator!

You've built an amazing piece of hardware! (SRX)

I am VERY impressed by the sound quality of this attenuator. I have expected much after all the positive reviews on net but I didn't expect it to be THAT great!!!

There's no way I could record great sounding guitar tracks in my studio without the DRX, it's very transparent and it sounds amazing with all my amps!

The boost feature is an absolute god-send!

... sound amazing and we become best friends

Not only the DRX sounds better than any attenuator on the market, but the new features, like the ability to boost the volume of your amp with a foot pedal,puts it in a class of it's own!

The DRX get's me the cranked tones I need at low volumes with any one of my amps.

Thanks for making such a product, it was exactly what I was looking for.

Excellent job, thank's a million!

The DRX is a tool that will let me ensure that I keep the tone that I�ve worked so hard to achieve.

Rox Lite Front    Rox Lite Front 2   Rox Lite Front 2   Rox Lite Front 2  

The Rox Lite 150 (RL150) Power Attenuator, is compact, versatile and utilizes ARACOM's innovative, Proprietary "Dynamic Control" reactive attenuation technology, as used in our DRX/SRX attenuators, which provides highly transparent power attenuation.

The Rox Lite 150 (RL150) is our most cost effective Power Attenuator, with a List Price of $385 + Shipping. Available in 8 or 16 ohm configurations.

The Rox Lite Power Attenuator (Model: RL150)

Product Highlights:

* Proprietary Dynamic Control "DC" Reactive Attenuation design. The same highly transparent attenuation technology as used in our DRX and SRX power attenuators.

* Ease of use, Single Control 5 Postion Mode Rotary Switch. User can easily select between the three levels of step attenuation (-3dB, -6dB, -12dB), and two then "Bedroom" modes of continuously Variable Attenuation (Bright and Max) via the 5 position rotary control knob

* The Continuously Variable Attenuation Rotary knob provides attenuation from -12dB to near silence.

* Attenuation / Bypass Toggle Switch

* 150 watt power rating

* Fixed Impedance, available in: 8 or 16 ohm models (Select Impedance when ordering)

* Optional - Line Out "Equalized" with Level Control (Hi Z, 1/4 jack)

* Compact, lightweight design

* Passive design, does not require AC Mains power

* Handwired in the USA

Features and Specifications:

- Available in 8 or 16 ohm models

- Single Control Mode (5 Position Rotary) Switch. Select between:
   Level 1 (-3dB)
   Level 2 (-6dB)
   Level 3 (-12dB)
   Variable Attenuation (Bedroom Mode) - Brighter Tone (-12dB to -21dB)
   Variable Attenuation (Bedroom Mode) - Normal Tone (-12dB to near silence)

- All Front Panel Controls, rear panel for interconnections only

- 150 watt (continuous average) power rating

Rear Panel: - Amplifer Connection Jack and Speaker Connection Jack

- Passive design, does not require AC Mains power

- Rugged, Heavy Duty, Vented Housing

- Handwired (Point-to-Point wiring) and Handcrafted in the USA
  * Each Rox Lite (RL150) attenuator is constructed and tested "in house" at ARACOM Amplifiers.

Weight and Dimensions:
- Weight of attenuator: 4.5 lbs (2.0kg)
- Dimensions (Main Box): 10.0"w x 5.0"h x 8.5"d (25.4cm x 12.7cm x 21.6cm) "Height includes feet"

Pricing, Options, Accessories and Ordering Information:

Rox Lite (RL150) Pricing and Ordering Information:

Rox Lite (RL150) Power Attenuator: $385.00

The Rox Lite (RL150) attenuator is available in the following models: 8 ohm or 16 ohm. Specify the Impedance (8 or 16 ohm) at the time of order.

The Rox Lite (RL150) is sold direct by ARACOM Amplifiers (USA). We are shipping the product on a weekly basis. Due to product demand, there is typically a "wait list" for the Rox Lite (RL150) attenuator. For details on purchasing the product, the lead time and joining the wait list, please contact us at:

A 50% deposit is required to join the wait list. We just ask that you be sincere about purchasing the product, when your Rox Lite (RL150) attenuator is ready to ship.

* Prices do not include shippng charges. International shipping charges do not include Customs fees, import duties, tariffs, or VAT.

* A 15% restocking fee applies to return goods, contact ARACOM Amplifiers for more details.

Line Out "Equalized" with Level Control (Hi Z, 1/4 jack). Contact us for pricing information.

The Rox Lite (RL150) attenuator comes with a limited 1 year warranty.

Click here for the warranty details

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Pricing and specifications subject to change without notice.

Rox Lite (RL150) is a trademark of ARACOM Amplifiers.


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