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Testimonials - ARACOM Attenuators

We would like to thank all of the many hundred ARACOM Attenuator customers in: the US, Mexico, Jamaica, England, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, S.Africa, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, New Zealand, many Australians (including Tasmania & Christmas Island), plus a whole bunch of Canadians!

We would also like to thank a number of customers who have returned to purchase their second and even third PRX150 or DRX power attenuator.

We appreciate our users' feedback. Below you will find magazine reviews and over 100 ARACOM Attenuator Testimonials:

" Sonically, the Aracom PRX150-Pro attenuator stayed very true to every amp I paired it with. My tone stayed stable as I lowered the dB level to its minimum amount (the variable control doesn’t turn the sound completely off). Even super-quiet bedroom settings sounded very good and responded to picking and touch extremely well. This attractive, sturdily built unit would be a great addition to any guitarist’s tone arsenal."

Premier Guitar Magazine - July 2010

Click here to the Premier Guitar Magazine PRX150 Attenuator Review


For preserving your neighbors’ sanity. Like a fine sports car, some amps need to be opened up before they hit their stride—but the volume makes this an ongoing challenge for amp lovers and soundmen alike. The PRX took the loudest non-master volume amp we could find down to conversation level with none of the tonal compromises we’ve noticed in the other units. The PRX features six switchable levels of attenuation, the lowest of which activates a volume control function. The built-in impedance converter allows you to mix and match heads and cabinets, a real convenience if your sound is based around a go-to amp or cabinet.

M Music & Musicians Magazine - Doug Doppler - Sept/Oct 2010

Click here to the M Music & Musicians Magazine PRX150 Attenuator Review


" ... the PRX150-Pro’s Speaker Reactance Thru (SRT) technology helped deliver a satisfyingly balanced tone at reduced volume levels...

Guitar Player Magazine - August 2010


" I heard about this unit from an avid pedalist - Joe Satriani...

... but it was the long hours in the studio that really sold me on this unit. In addition to taking the most brutal amps down to talking volume with unbelievable transparency, the head:cabinet Ohm matching capacity is invaluable in getting heads to run at the ohm setting where they were designed for.

Further, I don't have an isolation booth, and for home recording this unit has made this process totally manageable for all amps. The "B" attenuation setting is just enough reduction to allow you open the throttle on clean amps, but keep them at a level where you can track with phones on and not fight the volume of the amp in the room. This unit with designed with excellent performance in mind, and at every turn it delivers just that!"

Doug Doppler - Founder of the soon to be released "Get Killer Tone" DVD Series. Doug is signed to Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label and he is a certified Guitar Hero. Doug’s tracks can be heard on Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80’s (2007) and Guitar Hero on Tour (2008). Doug Doppler Instructional DVD lessons are available at To learn more about Doug Doppler, the Get Killer Tone DVD Series and

Click here for: Doppler's PRX150 Audio Clips

Check out Doppler's:
Get Killer Tone DVD Series
Instructional DVDs


" You got an excellent product (PRX150-DAG), it's changed the way I can play and record. It's another world. I have used the "brand x passive" and "brand y active" attenuators recently, and the PRX150-DAG just blow everything else out of the water."

Filippo F. Olivieri (Italy), founder of Click
here to see Filippo's Video clips of vintage Marshall amps through the PRX150-DAG


" It's (SRX) really amazing how can I crank my really LOUD 100 watt Weber Mywatt amp at bedroom level!

But what I really enjoy is taking the amp to the sweet spot just before it begins to crank (which is usually too loud) at a comfortable level for me and the band, without sucking the tone.

You've built an amazing piece of hardware!
Ricard Pradell - Spain - SRX attenutor


" I really love this new (DRX) attenuator! Between the two of them (DAG and DRX) they can do everything I want and they don't color the sound at all as far as I can tell (which isn't true of any other attenuators I've tried). And I love the reactance control which gives nice subtle tone changes.

Thanks for such great products."
Chris Paddon - New Zealand - owns the PRX150-DAG and DRX attenutors


" Jeff, you have done it again! The new SRX attenuator is a perfect, simplified, lightweight alternative to the DRX and PRX150. This will be my "go to" attenuator when I leave my home studio to jam outside.

Being a proud owner of all four models of Aracom attenuators I can confirm the SRX is made equally to your high standards. It is so clear and transparent and maintains the natural tonal qualities of my amplifiers regardless of the final output volume level.

One particular bonus I find with all of your attenuators is how it greatly reduces any residual amplifier noise or hum even at higher volumes. I use an attenuator with all of my amps regardless of the volumes I intend to play at. Thanks again for another great product!"

Pat Goodman - owner of the PRX150-Pro2, PRX150-DAG, DRX and SRX attenutors + serveral ARACOM custom amplifiers


" Being a vintage marshall nut, I've accumulated over the years quite a number of 100W and 50W plexi heads and cabs..everything from '66 JTM45/100 to 68 12xxx to 67 black flags and everything far and in between.

The tone is sublime when cranked, but the problem always have been the same..the volume! Even at reharsals/gigs, I've tried all kind of possible solutions..MV pre-phase inverter, MVPPI (rich and larmar type), and parallely I went to the attenuator route..T,W,DZ, you name them, I've tried them all.

Every one had its pros and cons in terms of tone, flexibility, but all of them introduced artifacts or compression to some degrees. They may marry good or not-so-good, depending from the amp.

Lastly I approached the ARACOM PRX150-PRO. It is the only one which survived the test of time (three years, so far) and I can tell without any doubt that it is the best sounding, pure, transparent, and dynamic piece of gear connected to my NMV Marshalls. The most important aspect of these amps - the subtle dynamics when picking and the 3D effect in the room- are fully kept even at high level of attenuation. Tonewise, these warm british mids remain truely intact.

Bottom line - I can plug and forget, a beautiful array of tones at any level I need. At home, with the band, in small or large venues..Yes!!! So for me now it's Aracom all the way, baby!

Oh and I even used it with a 1971 200W Marshall Major (4xKT88) for two complete gigs, so it is surely built like a tank and oversized for its rating!

Thanks Jeff for putting out such a beautiful product!
Andrea Cavarero - Italy


" The Aracom attenuation technology (DRX) is the most transparent that I’ve tested – and I’ve tested and used several over the years. Nothing comes close. But the dual-level attenuation (normal and boost modes) blows away the competition in my book. Then add variable reactance to the mix, and there’s nothing that can even touch what this attenuator can do."
Brendan Delumpa -


" I am VERY impressed by the sound quality of this attenuator. I have expected much after all the positive reviews on net but I didn't expect it to be THAT great!!!

Thanx a lot for this unique piece of equipment and for the uncomplicated business with you!"
Arne Wragge - Germany


" It (PRX150-Pro2) is AMAZING. Simply amazing. The quality of this thing just blows my mind. The sound is perfect, no loss of tone at any volume. Thank you for the great service and the great product!!"
Ryley Gallwey - Canada


" Got the PRX150 on Tuesday, and it sounds great. I've now owned, at one time or another, a brand "m", brand "t", brand "d", brand "f", and now your PRX150. The best, most transparent of those is yours, by far. Thanks for a great product - my Germino never sounded better!

Based upon my experience, both your product and your customer service deserve mucho kudos!"
Bill Turner


" Here is my recently received Aracom (PRX150-DAG) that helps me discovering my Divided by 13's amps. I live in a flat so I can't push my amps and you know those /13 are LOUD !!!

With this ARACOM DAG I can push the volume of my RSA 31 and my RPB.

I put the Aracom at bedroom settings and the sound is so clean and clear, the dynamic is still there even at the highest attenuation.

You should try the ARACOM.

From a member's post on the hugeracksinc forum. Click
here to hear his clips with the Divded by 13 amps and the PRX150-DAG. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.


" I received the PRX150 (Pro2) today and had a quick play around with it. I have to say I had high expectations and was pleasantly surprised by how well the attenuator works. Highly recommended to anyone that wants great tone without ripping their heads off.

Chris Jones - Australia


" I have only had a chance to try it with my 69 plexi superbass so far but Im very impressed with how it reacts when I turn my plexi up and attenuate the cranked tones from my plexi are ... stunning for want of a better word. I do get to crank my amps for real so I am very familiar with what I want tone wise and the thing that I love about this prx150 is it retains the playing feel of a cranked amp but even better it acurately produces the dynamic and feedback sustain response and all the overtones harmonics etc that I would only normally get at high volume using the prx150 means it is happening in my living room !! amazing !! plus the tone is killer with no compromise or weird artifacts or strange noise by products when I can crank my gear thats the way to go but for lower volume requirements.

I can see this prx150 becoming a permanent part of my kit the other thing it does really well is how it reacts when I hit the front end of my plexi with a pedal it handles it beautifully.

I have now also tried my 79 2203 with the prx150 and in all honesty that in is just totally off the scale it sounds so good my 2203 is sooo bloody loud that even with a heavy handed hard hitting drummer it never gets opened up properly but the Aracom brings it to life and sounds incredible and after hearing it like that im sure I will also use the prx150 outside the home environment.

cheers and all the best for the future."
Ian Drucker - UK


" I can't tell you how happy I am with my PRX150-DAG. In fact it's become a necessary part of the signal chain and plays its part in defining the dynamics of my amp. It might be my imagination, but I actually think my amp is more responsive and therefore sounds better attenuated with this unit. quite a step ahead from the attenuators I have used previously."
Harald Vaernor - Norway


" Just letting you know the PRX150 has arrived already, safely and of course very well packaged. That was really quick.

What an impressive unit! From the moment I felt how solidly constructed it was I knew this was going to be a purchase I wouldn’t regret.

I tried my Blackstar amp first and managed to crank it easily, then attenuate all the way down using the F setting. Sounded great and at volumes I could play late at night at without annoying the neighbours or my wife.

However, with my Tonemaster this has truly been a godsend. I didn’t properly comprehend how completely not independent my two channels’ volume and tone controls were until introducing the PRX150 and how amazing this amp can sound. I now have the clean channel on 3 and the dirt channel on 7 (in combination this seems to make the clean channel run at 7ish) to be the same but by god are both absolutely deafening with the attenuation on anything less than E.

The sound I’m getting from this amp with my Jazzmaster is what made me love Jazzmasters (and my amp) to begin with. Perfect, grinding cleans and driven low gain bliss make playing a true joy and is the sound I’ve wanted for years – who knew I had it already but with no way to get to it! Even if noise levels weren’t a concern, there’s just no way it would be practical or enjoyable to play at this volume level other than in arenas and standing nowhere near the speakers as it is just painful at this volume.

Thanks for an awesome product. I am so impressed by how well built this seems and what amazing results it provides."
Tim Starr - Australia


" I wound up purchasing the DAG model through Destroy All Guitars. They had one available in stock, it's a beautiful unit. Love it and built like a tank. Thank you for all of you info on the unit and referral to Destroy All Guitars.

I had heard of your attenuator from a friend of mine who has one. He was raving about it and I checked it out. I run a couple of different boogie amps through it (blue angel/mark III/mark IV) and a Divided By Thirteen EDT combo. It's nice to get more juice from the amps with the Aracom (PRX150-DAG)."
Jason T.


" lives up to all they hype, that's for sure...I have used the (brand x) extensively and this thing really is true to the tone -- really pretty penny but it sure kicks..."
Curtis Holowach - Canada (PRX150-Pro2)


" I have to say this thing is pure awesomeness!!!!

The transparency of it is beyond anything I've ever played.

I will be recommending these to any guitar player that has a need for an attenuator (PRX150-Pro2).

Thanx again!!!
Jon S.


" I have one thing to say : you're a genius.

It's so well thought, so transparent, the tone is so accurate with the true spirit of the power tubes cranked. There is the proper tone signature of the amp.

It's the most incredible attenuator and simply the best in the world. There is the Aracom one at the top and the rest. I'm very happy with my purchase and I will finally be able to use my amps with "the" tone.

Thanks for all the guitarists."
V.V. - Russia (PRX150-Pro2)


" I tested the PRX150-DAG immediately, it’s sound really nice, so clear and so near on the original sound of the marshall amp, Solo (Filippo F. Olivieri - Italy, founder of, see above testimonial) say’s the truth, one of the best powersoak’s I have ever listened.

thanks very much and best regards,"
Christian Wieser - Germany


" I'm a full-time composer/musician/producer…I use my Aracom PRX-150 DAG every day…it's an invaluable studio tool…I use mine in a variety of applications…aside from the obvious of just lowering the volume, it's great for matching head's & cabs ohms & power levels to be able to find the exact sweet spots and get the most out of my gear.

I love being able to knock the power down on a 100 watt head so I can use it with a lower wattage alnico cab and not blow it to bits…the line out is a great feature as well…sometimes I send it to effects for a wet/dry set up or to a speaker simulator and blend that with the mic'd cab.

In a live setting, it allows me to bring a wider variety of amps to the gigs…not just the one's that fit the volume level of the venue…I can get whatever sound I want and adjust it to the venue…sound guys love it…the Aracom's sound quality is second to none…very transparent and uncompressed…what you put in it comes out the same…just a different level.

I highly recommend it to anyone with tube amps…it's a huge part of my setup and I don't think I could do without one.

Keep up the great work Jeff…

Max Respect"
John Flannery - A Professional Composer and Musician, based in Los Angeles, CA.


" .. had a gig on Thursday (with the PRX150-DAG). Had been using a (brand x attenuator) I had on loan up till then. Noticed the difference immediately. Bloody fantastic, didn't seem to affect the tone at all!

And using it with my 5 watt Marshall is gonna be great for home use. If you believe in pure valve tone and zero effects including master volume preamps it is the only way to go.

Built like a tank too, love the quality, matches the quality of my badcat amp! It's been a long road but I think I'm coming getting close to the grail..."

Thanks again, cheers from Australia.

J.T. - Australia


" Regarding the PRX150-Pro: this thing is amazing! The sound I can get at low volumes is so much better than I have heard from any master volume amp or pedal, and sounds so close to full volume as to make no difference. Most importantly it really feels like I am playing a real amp at loud volume, just quieter.

The PRX150-Pro preserves the dynamics of my playing really well, and feels like there is nothing bewtween the amp and the speaker. This is my favoutirte part, as when I'm practicing I want to learn how the amp responds to how I play, and my main concern was that the tone would be compressed, or it would feel different. In use it feels really open, if that makes sense - like there is a transparancy in the feel of the amp as well as in the tone.

Thanks for all your help and for spending the time to explain what to expect. I couldn't be happier with the purchase!

Geoff Daniels - U.K.


" It's a great tool !!! Offers a completely new perspective on dealing with those old amps. And my ears will like it too.

We rehearsed some Deep Purple tracks yesterday in a small cellar, and together with the JMP50 and a 4x12 the sound was just awesome. The fact that the PRX enables me to bring the amp to the sweet spot and take down the volume without ANY tone loss is just like finding one of the main parts in the puzzle.

Thanks for your amazing work, Jeff!"
Martin Lohmann - Germany


" I would just like to say a big thank you for the excellent service and help you have given me with this purchase (PRX150-Pro), I can honestly say I have not encountered better. Your dedication to customer care and support has been a welcome breath of fresh air for me in the sometimes less than comparable guitar world.

Thank you again, and good luck with the buisiness."
Chris Scarlett - UK


" Wow.

I was able to throughly use this yesterday. Basically played for about 6 hours. Would have never been able to do that at full volume before. I've used similar products in the past, but each have added (or taken away) something from the natural tone. Yours did not.What a great product! The included manual booklet was also clear and easy to understand, leaving no question how to (or not) use the PRX150.

Charles Barth


" I tried the Aracom (PRX150-Pro) with my '79 Marshall JMP 2203 100w, and it is great!!

You guys did an amazing job and I thank you so much for offering this fine piece of craftsmanship!!

I love it so much and I am speechless about this great tone!!!

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,
Kevin Rössle - Germany


" Great product (PRX150-DAG) which I used the other night at a jam and the tone I had could not be beat!"
Gary Ranson - Canada


" The PRX150 arrived home (safe) on last monday. As I was on business trip during all week, I plug it this morning...and what a blast for me.

Exactly what I needed !!!

I plan on using it in small clubs and also at bedroom level when my child is in bed...and my wife is also happy, since she does not like loud, overdrived guitar sounds !!! We should live without girls...but can we ???

Ok, just to say it's a very good product, at any volume level and provides me with the tone I'm looking for. My other (brand x) attenuator does not even compare.

Thanks again for the biz and all the best for you in the future."
Stephan Moreau - France


" Das erste mal sah und hörte ich die PRX150-DAG in einen Video von Solo Dallas, schenkte aber dem Gerät keine weitere Beachtung. Als ich mich mit meinem Bekannten, Peter ein begnadeten Gitarrenbauer ( ) und genialer Musiker ( ) über den tollen Sound von Solo unterhielt, meinte er das Solo einen irren Sound hat und er gerne mal den Aracom PRX150 testen würde und da Peter in Sachen AC/DC weiß wovon er redet, entschied ich mich die Aracom Powersoak mal zu bestellen.

Ich verwendete bis dato die Powersoak von Tube AmpDoctor mit einem 1959 MK II 100W und diese Powersoak ist schon eine der besten die es gibt, deshalb erwartete ich von der Aracom eigentlich keine wesentliche Steigerung, was sich aber großer als Irrtum heraus stellte !.

Die Aracom ist noch ein gutes Stück besser, der Sound des Marshall kommt um einiges besser rüber und klingt viel mehr nach dem Originalklang des Amps, erst auf der kleinste Stufe die dann mit dem Poti bis auf 0 dB regelbar ist, wird der Sound matschig aber in dem Lautstärkenbereich ist das nicht anders zu erwarten und dort verwendet man die Powersoak ja eigentlich in der Praxis auch nicht.

Also abschließend man kann Jeff nur eine riesiges Kompliment machen, er hat da ein geniales Teil auf den Markt gebracht und ich denke mal das diese Soak die beste ist die momentan auf dem Markt erhältlich ist.

viele Grüße
Christian Wieser - Germany


" Ich ( Uwe ) und meine non Mastervolumen amps Zuhause!

Nach einer Vielzahl von unterschiedlichsten Attenuatoren vieler Hersteller am Markt, habe ich den Wunsch „ Den Sound“ für daheim, in akzeptabeler Zimmerlautstärke zu bekommen, als „GAME OVER“ abgehakt.

Der sound kommt eben nur bei größeren Lautstärkeeinstellungen und das bereitet Stress mit den Menschen im näheren Umfeld. Logisch.

Aber die Attenuatoren gingen nie so, wie ich wollte.

Dann aber sah ich ein Video des ARACOMPRX150-DAG, guter Trick dachte ich zuerst, aber nach sehr guten Informationen auf der ARACOM Seite habe ich spontan ein Gerät bestellt.

Jetzt steht fest: da ist kein Trick, das Video ist echt. Realität pur.

Amp ist jetzt Amp, laut wie auch leise attenuiert, der Druck ist immer da. Höhen, Mitten und Bässe verblassen nicht, brauchen nicht verändert werden. Gitarren Vol. laut oder leise bedeutet gain oder clean. ( so deutlich war das nie möglich ). Selbst verzerrte chords klingen klar, auch mit humbuckern, sogar ohne das Git. vol. zurückzunehmen. Wie oben erwähnt: der Druck ist immer da.

Für bevorzugte sounds arbeiten amps nur mit Volumen Einstellungen ab ca. 12 Uhr. und größer. ( Marshall class 5 volle Lautstärke ). Unmöglich, ohne den Arzt zu rufen, ( oder zu verschwinden, bevor die Polizei kommt). Jeder, der direkt mit Treble Booster oder Ähnlichen Effekten arbeitet, erlebt eine neue Erfahrung.

Unterschiedliche OHM` s sind ebenfalls kein Problem. Ich kann die Anschlüsse variabel verbinden, wie ich es gerade brauche.( alle meine amps spiele ich über eine 2 X 12 Box ) und nicht mit dem on board speaker.

Für mich waren meine amps ohne den ARACOMPRX150-DAG bisher wie ein Ferrari mit Gepäckträger und Anhänger. Das ist definitiv vorbei, der Ballast ist weg.

Der ARACOMPRX150-DAG funktioniert ebenfalls sehr gut mit weniger teueren Vollröhren amps ohne Mastervolumen. Ich kenne keinen Attenuator der so praxisgerecht variabel durchdacht konstruiert ist und bin mir sicher, es gibt keinen.

Mein Fazit ist: Wenn ein Vollröhren amp nicht praxisgerecht ( Bühne / Proberaum etc. ) arbeiten darf, dann taugen schnell mal die Tonabnehmer nichts, oder der eine oder andere eigentlich gute Effekt ist ja doch nix und Sustain „ hab ich auch nich“. Falsch! Ist nämlich alles im amp und kann man mit einem PRX150-DAG rausholen.

Ich wünsche mir all meine viel zu früh verkauften, feinen Verstärker zurück, wäre ich doch vor Jahren schon auf die ARACOM Seite gestoßen.

Keinesfalls möchte ich vergessen den Service zu erwähnen. Immer Kompetent und ehrlich, hilfsbereit und freundlich!!!

That´ s how it is. Thank you very much Jeff."

Uwe Seelert - Germany

Click here to see Uwe's setup


" Comments on using my non master volume amps at home:

The tone I like always comes in at higher volume levels which stresses out people around me.

I have tried many different attenuators with my collection of amps, playing at home at low volume levels, trying to get "that tone" .

Then I saw a video of the ARACOM PRX150-DAG, good trick I thought in my mind. But after reading the very good information on the ARACOM website, I ordered one and now I know: there is no trick, the PRX150-DAG is pure reality. I am now able to use my amps at the same turned up level at much lower volume levels. The video is true, guitar volume up, the amp overdrives, guitar volume down amp gets clean. (not so with other brand attenuators). Using my humbucker equipped guitars, I can also play overdriven chords with clarity even without rolling back my guitar's volume knob. High,- mid` s and bass remain intact. Also the power (dynamics) is always` s present.

I am now able to use my amps at the same turned up level at much lower volume levels. The video is true, guitar volume up, the amp overdrives, guitar volume down amp gets clean. (not so with other brand attenuators). Using my humbucker equipped guitars, I can also play overdriven chords with clarity even without rolling back my guitar's volume knob. High,- mid` s and bass remain intact. Also the power (dynamics) is always` s present.

My favorite tone is with the amp's volume knob at noon or higher. Previously this was impossible without to having to call the doctor (ears bleeding) and worrying about the police arriving. Everybody who uses treble booster or the like, gets a new experience. Previously with other brand attenuators, my amps felt like a Ferrari loaded down with a trailer behind it. Different impedances are also no problem. I can switch the In and Out impedances to however I need it. ( all my amps run through a 2 X 12 favourite cab ), not with the internal combo speaker. I am not aware of an attenuator that is so versatile. I think there is none.

My result is: When a tube amp is not used in an environment that can tolerate loud volume levels i.e. on stage or in a practice room, most musicians that I know, including myself, think; bad pickups, effects are not good, amp has no sustain, etc….but this is wrong. Great tone can be maintained with the PRX 150.

Now that I have the ARACOM PRX150-DAG, I wish I could get back all my fine amps that I sold earlier.

I also will never forget the very good service dealing with ARACOM.

Thank you very much Jeff.
Uwe Seelert - Germany
(translation of the German language testimonial)

Click here to see Uwe's setup


" I have tried about every attenuator o the market in my studio with several different amps including the (brand X, very high end attenuator).

The Aracom blew all of them out the door- literally, I have sold all of them except my 2 Aracoms. IMHO It’s the ONLY attenuator on the market that not only works but improves your tone because you can drive your amps power tubes to levels they should be driven to get the best sound possible without damaging your ears.

I think the Aracom blew the (brand X attenuator) away as well. The (brand X attenuator) still had the blanket effect and was robbing tone where as the Aracom does not rob anything- I can say without hesitation that I think in some ways it adds tone."


" So I guess the question is; how well do most players know what their typical 30,50,100 watt amp really sounds like at anywhere near full volume or even at 1/2 volume for a sustained period of time?...probably not very well I'm thinkin'.

I've had my PRX150 DAG for about a week now and coaxed tone, sustain and dynamic response out of my amps that I didn't even know existed!. This thing is a game changer!. I can't imagine plugging in without it now.

One problem, I'm gonna need to hide it from other snoopy guitar players...I'm gonna put it in a cardboard box with holes, or a pet carrier, something to keep guys from figuring out how IN THE HELL I'm making my amp sound so friggin' amazing.

Seriously, the PRX 150 DAG changes the way an amp responds so dramatically it has to tried to be believed. Hope you sell a ton of PRX150's. Just not to guys in my neighborhood. This thing is MY mojo.

Way to go on building an amazing piece of gear!"
Dennis Morgan


" Thus far I have only used it with my Germino 55LV and Bluesbreaker cab -- it works excellent. I don't have need to use the high cut switch, at least at my home and with this amp. I am sure glad it is there, however. The "min/max" switch on the front is another good feature.

For me, the use of an attenuator is imperative, as music is my life. I am 52 now, and have been playing electric guitar since I was 12. Somewhat unique about me is the fact that I am both a classically-trained musician, with my doctorate in choral conducting (as well as a lute player), but also an "old rocker" who still enjoys playing. My job as a Director of Music at the church I am at provides opportunity for me to do both.

For me, using an attenuator is an imperative, not a choice. For the past few years I have used an 8-ohm (brand X attenuator) and, like many others, made due with the sound alteration the unit makes.

When I got wind of your new technology through TGP -- and watched as people responded to the quality of the technology -- I knew I owed it to myself to try your DAG (PRX150-DAG) unit so that I could hear the "real" sound of my amps at a level that was healthy.

I am very pleased! As others have said, not only is the sound intact, but the feel and dynamics of the amp is, too. In comparison, my (brand X attenuator) is a crude tool: I am glad I had it to protect my hearing, but I was not really hearing my amp to a genuine degree.

I select the gear I purchase very carefully, and tend to add only one superior piece at a time. It is very "transparent" to me that the PRX is a superior piece.

Thank you, Jeff, for making this marvelous invention available. I am so pleased I have one, and can now work with the genuine tone of my amp, and not something significantly altered. Thanks, too, for all the notes and technical info on your site; yes, being an academic, I read it!
Dr. Douglas E. Thompson - Minister of Music
Our Savior's Lutheran Church, MN


"I have to tell you that your new technology for attenuators achieves results that may make other attenuators obsolete. I have tried the PRX150-Pro with many amps and speakers and compared it to a number of other attenuators and its transparency and ability to maintain dynamics is unlike anything else I have tried. The true test for an attenuator is to "first do no harm." The new "speaker reactance thru" technology really lives up to the Hippocratic oath. The beauty of the PRX150 is that it actually achieves the limited purpose of an attenuator, which has always been to get out of the way of, and to do no harm to, the cherished tone of a guitar/amplifier/speaker, while achieving acceptable volumes. This may sound "do nothing" simple, but the fits and starts of efforts to achieve this goal over the last few decades, and the mixed results experienced by the attenuator purchasing public, suggest that reducing volume, while maintaining transparency and dynamics, is anything but easy. The PRX150 is built on a great concept, a new technology that seeks to achieve a long sought after goal, but the question is: does it work? The answer is yes, amazingly well, beyond what I thought was possible in an attenuator.

I have played through both reactive load (passive) attenuators and load/re-amplify (active) attenuators and while they have served the purpose of reducing volume with an acceptable trade off between volume reduction and reduced tone and dynamics, they are not to my ear fully transparent, nor do they fully preserve the touch sensitivity and dynamics of a direct guitar/amplifier/speaker connection. More is lost than the inevitable perceived differences in tone due to speaker break-up or the way the human animal hears sound frequencies at different volume levels. But that was then, this is now, true transparency has been achieved by the PRX150. The PRX150-Pro is the first attenuator, to my knowledge, that seeks to achieve transparency and maintain dynamics by reducing volume without loading down or affecting the speaker's natural reactance. A great bonus is that the same technology that achieves this new level of transparency also preserves dynamics. Guitar players will really want to try this out to see if they think it works as well as I think it works. If they do, and I think they will, the PRX150-Pro will be seen as a remarkable achievement.

Among the PRX150's other outstanding features is the ability to separately set the impedance level coming in from the amp and going out to the speaker(s). This two-sided control over impedance levels is a problem solver on its own, and equally important, means that the attenuator can be used for all the amplifiers and speakers a person may have that fall within its considerable 150 watt power limitations.

I also really like the combination of stepped attenuation A thru E and then a final F step with a separate dial for fine-tuning this last (and highest) level of attenuation. One could argue that not being able to dial in minute adjustments at every level is a disadvantage, but what I find, as a practical matter, is that the stepped gradations work really well. In fact, once you know the attenuator and the particular amp you are using, you can select a step and dial in the amp and be right there on the tone you want at the volume you want."
Lyle Cook - Click here for Lyle's PRX150-Pro Review


"Man, I'm in love with the Aracom. I've used it with many different amps, all with perfect results. So far I've used it with:

'66 Super Reverb
'77 Hiwatt DR505
3 Monkeys Orangutan
'65 Vibrolux Reverb
Glaswerks SDO
Carol-Ann Revo
Carol-Ann OD2 MKII
Funky Monkey (built by Paul Cochran of Timmy fame)
Germino Headroom 100

It works with all these amps, no degradation of the highs, no bass loss, no mud, nada! Plus, I have used it with 2, 4, 8 and 16 ohm loads, what a relief! I once had 4 attenuators trying to cover all the ohm loads, now that is thing of the past.

Men, no longer should you ever worry about buying a big wattage amp!!! I will try to get some clips up so you guys can hear this thing in action.

Sorry for the gushing, but this is the attenuator I've been waiting for, kudos."

Gilbert Trujillo - the above quote is an excerpt, with Gilbert's permission, from his TGP post.

Gilbert is the lead guitarist and one of the lead singers for the band DEEP ELLUM, based out of Sparks, Nevada. DEEP ELLUM is deeply rooted in the Blues/Rock tradition of the great Texas artists combined with the eclectic sounds of Funk and Jazz, a sound that one newspaper called “Texas Funkadelic”. This sound is straight out of the Deep Ellum area of Dallas, Texas where scores of musicians have played for decades. DEEP ELLUM has recently opened for such artists as Arc Angels, CMA recipient, Lee Roy Parnell, Grammy winner: Johnny A., and The Bone Shakers. Check out DEEP ELLUM and Gilbert's awesome guitar work at:


" The unit arrived in record time to Brisbane, Australia, 7 days in fact! I opened the well packaged box to check for any sign of damage and everything was ok. Got home and had a quick read of the well formatted manual that comes with the unit, I plugged her in through my amp, a Cornell 45/50 Plexi and a Tym 2 x 12" speaker cab loaded with Celestion greenbacks. This is a very loud 50 watt, non master volume amplifier.

Now the first important feature to me is that the PRX150-Pro has independent input and output impedance selectors for the amp and cab which means that you don't have to re-wire your cab to match your head if you do not have an impedance matched cab! So simple and brilliant.

The next and most important feature is how this unit maintains the amps overall sound with all the little nuances, dynamics when you crank it, down to a volume level that won't annoy the whole neighbourhood without losing any of your sound! It has a number of step attenuation levels (A to F) 6 in fact. Level F has a variable adjustment which is very useful for the late night sessions. There is also a Minimum and Maximum switch which chooses the variable attenuation range you want to play at, as well as other features that I may not even use.

All in all, this is a very well built, nice looking and hugely functional attenuator that I would recommend to anyone, I have in fact found some additional tones and sounds after only a week because of it! No bullshit, it sounds good and that's what matters to me.

Thanks again Jeff for your fine product and your service.
Dom - Australia


"Across ALL levels of attenuation, the PRX150-Pro remained "clear", "crisp" and "true" to the original signal from a variety of vintage amps.

I was astonished at the MAJOR difference between the PRX150-Pro and (his other brands of attenuators) was at the "bedroom" levels. The PRX150-Pro was accurately able to portray the subtle nuances of my cranked up '68 Marshall Super Tremolo when the guitar's volume was on 10, 7 and 4! With other attenuators, the subtle pleasantries can get muffled and washed away when you roll back the volume. The playing dynamics stayed true across ALL levels of attenuation; simply amazing.

In turn, I tried the PRX150-Pro with my '65 Super Reverb. At full tilt, the Blackface awakens with a roar and causes mild hearing loss! The PRX150-Pro, again, fit perfectly into the mix and treated my amp with the utmost respect. I should also add that was SO NICE having the option to accurately match the amp's impedance with the speaker's impedance; no more "multiple" attenuators for different amps and cabinets.

Once I started playing, I noticed it was like someone just chopped the volume in half, leaving me with the exact same tone, harmonics and sensitivity. It was awesome! As I continued to bring the volume down to bedroom level, the vibe of the amp continued to stay intact - just like the Marshall. I then wondered why I ever put up with the crummy performance from the other competitors! The PRX150-Pro is the best! Overall, I now feel like I can carry my larger amps to smaller venues instead of lugging around a 75lb pedal board! The Aracom PRX150-Pro has definitely changed the way I think about setting up and playing live - I love it!"
Lee Moore


"In my blog at, I get the chance to evaluate lots of gear. And being an active musician as well in both live situations and in the studio, an attenuator has always been part of my rig, so naturally I've evaluated quite a few. I thought I had found the best attenuator in the business with the (brand x), and up until I got the PRX150-Pro, it served me well for the last couple of years. I thought my original attenuator was transparent. It simply pales by comparison with the PRX150-Pro! I set them up side-by-side to do a shootout, and could hardly believe what I was hearing! Even at low attenuation levels, the (brand x) affected the bandwidth of my tone! I noticed a distinct loss in both highs and lows! Conversely with the PRX150-Pro, all I noticed was a volume drop. But the real test was going to bedroom levels with the attenuators. Whereas my tone became muddy and the dynamics felt spongy with the (brand x) at high attenuation levels, the PRX maintained my tone and dynamics. Hands-down, the PRX150-Pro was transparent at all levels of attenuation.

Besides the fact that the PRX150-Pro technology is far superior to other attenuators I've evaluated, the fact that the PRX150-Pro has both input and output impedance matching is something that sets it apart from other attenuators. Instead of relying on an impedance mismatch to provide attenuation as most conventional methods employ, the impedance matching of the PRX150-Pro ensures that both your amp and your speaker "see" the impedance they expect. I'm no electronics expert, but I know the effect impedance mismatching has on tone. You don't need to be an electrical engineer to understand what it does; you can both hear and feel the effects, and they aren't good by any stretch of the imagination.

But besides attenuation, the PRX150-Pro provides other benefits that some of the competition simply lack; not the least of which is the line out which can be used to input into another amp, or plug into a PA or DI into a DAW. Talk about versatility! I play a lot of small and low-volume application venues, and an attenuator is essential. But with the PRX150-Pro, I can set my stage volume, then use the line out to plug into the PA to give my sound guy much more control over my "house" volume. No, it's not the same as putting a mic in front of my speaker cabinet, but at these low volumes, the tone is true enough from the line out to not be noticeable to the audience. And using the line out to re-amp into another amp adds yet another dimension to my tone palette that is simply unmatched by the competition.

Aracom Amps has set the bar high with both attenuation and versatility. To me, all other attenuators just don't measure up."
Brendan Delumpa
Click here for Brendan's PRX150-Pro Review
Click here for Brendan's PRX150 Audio Clips


" I use the the PRX150-Pro with the VRX22 (22 watt amp)and it's a perfect combination. The PRX150 opens up the full range and versatility of the 6V6 tubes, from clean, to driven, all the way to distortion, at volumes that work for me, my family, and the neighbors. The tone is amazingly true and consistent regardless of the setting - and believe me, with two young kids I run the PRX150 on setting "F" (Variable/Bedroom mode)much of the time. Even on max attenuation, the bright growl of the 6V6s powers though.

Not only is the PRX150 going to save my ears, it's going to save me money in the long run. I've already returned two (effects) pedals since I got it. All the range of tones is literally at your fingertips where it belongs - not at your feet. I simply set the amp to the edge of overdrive - pick attack and volume take me from clean and jangly to wildly overdriven. No need for pedals. No tap dance. Just the beauty of coaxing tubes to break up at your command. The PRX150 allows you to dial it in. Thanks Jeff!"
Mike Frank


" The PRX150-Pro is great! Totally transparent, versatile. Really sound good with all the amps I've tried it with."
Phil Pattarelli


" Attenuators are nothing new to the industry and have been around for years although most all built to date have only been useful in the higher volume situations anything turned down too low tanked your tone. I've owned and tried many in my days and many have the potential to destroy your amp and will trash your tone with it when you bring the volume down more than a few clicks which averages about 9 db in volume reduction. Others have added EQ switches to compensate for what happens to your tone as you turn it down to more usable levels. All of that to me just makes for too much constant tweaking when a true attenuator should be simple and keep your amp sounding the same at any and all volume levels by simply turning the attenuator volume down.

The Aracom PRX150 not only is capable of handling amps putting out as much as 150 watts but there are some extremely smart features built in that make this the ULTIMATE attenuator in my ears. To the best of my knowledge this is the only attenuator that features input and output impedance selectors for your head and speaker cab allowing mismatched head and speakers, a bypass switch, 2 speaker outs and an adjustable line level for driving other amps or effect units. Your ear will play tricks on you based on volume pressure levels and a microphone is the real judge. Tonally 'with the PRX150' you will hear all the nuances and subtleties carry thru your tone at any and all volume levels retaining the high and low end clarity and put simply, just turns the volume down to any usable level you desire. Slap a microphone in front of your amp and you will be stunned at how concert level volumes to grandma's bedroom levels record identical making this a "must have" tool for any guitar player to best capture your amps tone whether live or in the studio and built like a tank. Jeff nailed it!"
Gene Baker - President of Fine Tuned Instruments, home of the b3 line of custom electric guitars.
Click here for Gene's PRX150 Audio Clip


" All I can say is what you told me is what I got. You have done a great job on this. Really surprised how the feel of the amp and guitar is maintained all the way down through the attenuation even to bedroom level. Also the variable attenuation level is very low, much lower than (brand x active attenuator). I doubt I would even go this low but its great to have the option. Did not notice a tone loss just a volume drop which is what I am looking for.

Great job Jeff."
Brian Goodman


" I've used the (brand X passive) and (brand Y active) attenuators but the Aracom meets or exceed all my expectations and is definitely the best attenuator I've used. Very solidly built, switches and jacks all feel solid, definitely seems durable. A bit big and heavy but then so are my tube amp heads, and there appears to be quite a bit going on inside the box and no wasted space. The sound IS very transparent from the first click all the way down to load, it doesn't change much if at all, maybe someone more dog-eared than me could hear something but for all intents and purposes it's transparent and preserves your tone extremely well. Speaker response changes and there is less air moving but if you sit right in front of your speaker at lowest volumes you can hear the whole frequency response, all the lows and highs, very impressive. Even more important to me is that it preserves the feel of the guitar-amp interaction and never feels compressed, fizzy, etc. Maintains touch sensitivity all the way down, again very impressive.

So far I've tried it with three Top Hat heads from 35w to 50w and liked it with all of them. Really does allow you to dial in the amount of preamp and power amp overdrive you want at any volume without any tonal compromise, rather than having to rely on a MV which changes the tone of the amp. Pedal and amp settings can stay consistent, amps can run in the sweet spot without giving me tinnitus, I can get all the bloom and sustain and feedback without pissing off the neighbors or the soundman quite as much. Looking forward to doing some recording with it and can't really see myself playing out anywhere without having it available. Great follow-up from Jeff at Aracom too, makes me feel he really stands behind the product"

Paul DiGirolamo
Paul provided us audio clips using the PRX150-Pro with each of his Top Hat amplifiers. Click here for: Paul's PRX150 Audio Clips


" The PRX150-Pro arrived yesterday safe and sound. I had a play with it at home last night and it seems very impressive. It's the first time I've been able to play my 50watt NMV (Marshall) through a 4x12 at home (terrace house!) with the volume on 10. It has never been feasible or enjoyable with other attenuators.

I was pleasantly surprised how crisp and defined the bass is maintained to its lowest db, and the quick touch response. Under those conditions I was expecting it to inevitably fizz out, but it keeps its composure.

I will be gigging with it at the weekend which will be the clincher, how it works in a band. First impressions it's a real winner though, and it seems I can actually play around with my live rig at home now. "
DC - U.K.


" WOW! You've hit a home run with this product. All I can compare it to is the (brand X passive attenuator) I tried but didn't buy it because It really altered the tone IMO. It is so cool to flip on the 40watt switch and run my Dr. Z Remedy amp at full power. Now I can finally dial things in so I get usable overdrive at low volumes, it has opened up a whole new experience for me and makes me like my Remedy even more. I haven't even stopped to put it on the other amps. My (other high end) amp is going up for sale because my Dr. Z Remedy and your PRX150-Pro attenuator has put me in "sonic nirvana." I can't wait for my son (away in college) to rip with it. I also see what you are talking about when you state that it is really good at dialing in volumes when playing loud amps in smaller venues. I can't imagine not having your attenuator in those situations.

I was hoping for a lot with this unit and it exceeds what I hoped for. I've got to think thru my gear budget for the next few months, I want one of these (PRX150-Pro) for my son. I am building him a Metro JTM 45 for Christmas (2009) and your PRX150 will be a must. Thanks Jeff!"
Jeff Adkins


"Received the PRX150-Pro on Friday and had a chance to put it through the paces, and wanted to give you a quick THANKS! It is the perfect attenuator - it preserves the amp's tone flawlessly, and does it without a bunch of fuss and knobs on the outside.

While the way my amp sounds with the PRX150-Pro, even using heavy levels of attenuation, is stunning, perhaps the most pleasant surprise was how my amp feels using your attenuator. I feel reconnected to my amp again; I felt this huge power of playing through a cranked amp, but at very manageable volumes. I never felt that when using the (brand X active attenuator) at low levels - the sound was fairly decent at heavy attenuation levels though not nearly as preserved as the PRX150-Pro, but the cranked amp feeling with the (brand X active attenuator) was completely missing, more like playing a pedal than a cranked amp.

In short, I could not be more pleased with my purchase. The build quality is perfect, the layout and design is simple and functional, and the sound - and feel - of my amp through this attenuator is just amazing!

Thanks so much, Jeff, and best of continued luck to you. "
Todd Vinson


"I've started to use the attenuator with my Fender Pro Reverb and '69 50W Marshall and I liked it very much: it's really transparent, you don't feel there's anything between the amp and the speakers.

At the moment it's remaining with the Marshall, where I can really appreciate the total lack of muddiness in the bass frequencies, a very common issue with almost all the attenuators. I'm very happy of it."
A.L. - Italy


"I used the PRX with my band at 2 and 3 clicks and it worked real well. I don't need more than that level usually except for some late night stuff. The attenuator sounded so good I forgot I was playing thru one. Very impressive unit Jeff.

Thanks, "
Fred Z


" Aracom PRX-150 Pro arrived today. Exactly 8 weeks from email to my door.

This device is nothing short of amazing! I can't believe how great it sounds. I was just using at "bedroom" level and this unit sounds incredible. The same as your amp cranked....just quieter.

I'm using with a DR Z Maz 18 head and case you're curious. If you're thinking about this unit, think no more. Send Jeff an email and it'll be at your house before you know it.

Now...back to my music room !!!

Thanks again, "
Doug Long


" This is a awesome piece of gear - it really is transparent, and works EXACTLY as advertised down to bedroom levels, AND feels lighter & smaller than I had anticipated.

It really shows clearly the interactive variable of the speaker's "compression/EQ" response curve with level, and what a large percent of the "feel factor" it has when playing any amp - especially an interactive speaker like the (Celestion ALNICO) Blue.

When listening, I was reminded of how SPL's of sound "fall off" when you increase distance (from the speaker) with some kind of logarithmic formula, ie: I found that the tone was still there at the lower attenuated levels when I moved much closer to the amp, and I have a feeling that's why when the demo clips sound so indistinguishable, because the mic always "hears" it the same due to the very close "listening" distance.

I can't wait to record wih it! Which is my main purpose, since my current main amps (Tweed Deluxe clone w/ Celestion Blue and Snider California w/2 EL84s w/Celestion G65) aren't really THAT loud - so far! Now that I have this unit, I'm considering getting amps I always wanted but would never buy knowing the playing level needed to make 'em sing (ie:) Marshall, etc.

Thanks Jeff!, "
John Blum


" I read all the instructions and hooked it up properly to my Fulton Webb 17W amp. The attenuator does not get hot. It is almost like 17W is a piece of cake for the PRX150-Pro. I use it in the variable attenuation mode and have it dialed in to where I no longer need 33dB ear plug filters… I know that I have a winner on my hands. I am running the PRX150-Pro on Variable with the knob turned to 9:00. I have to turn around to look at the PRX150-Pro to see that it is there, since the only thing happening to my ears is that the sound pressure level is way down along with the apparent volume. Your black box works! The absence of sound pressure is amazing and a relief.

(Without the PRX150-Pro) I would not be able to play at the amp's settings without shaking the house, now I do not need to put a sound deadening curtain up to seal/cover my door any more. The PRX150-Pro is a winner in this department.

Now I know it was worth the wait all these years for you to develop your technology.

I really appreciate the build quality of your products. Top notch!

BTW, I am using Kimber Kable 4VS speaker cable made by Mark at Lava Cable. Also, based on the quality of the PRX150-Pro, I am saving up for an ARACOM Evolver 50 (amplifier)!

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Emery Columna


" All I can say is WOW!!

I tried it out with my Marshall 1987x as well as my Fender Deluxe Reverb Re-Issue. Here's my first impressions....

I tried it out with the Marshall first, at various attenuation settings. I wasn't able to do a direct comparison with the Marshall un-attenuated, because it would simply be far too loud in my house, but at the various settings I tried, I can tell you that the PRX150 is far more transparent than the (brand X active attenuator). I noticed this in the high frequencies especially, but also in the total lack of "fizz" at all volumes. It also really maintains the picking subtleties and dynamics a lot better. I was hearing greater detail and punchiness in the Celestion greenbacks, even at low volume. With both my wife and daughter out this afternoon, I was able to have a bit of fun, and play at a decent volume....I don't remember hearing the "bark" in that amp sounding this good, since the day I bought it, and actually played it un-attenuated...

I had never been able to attenuate my Fender before, as I was always leary about using the (brand X active attenuator) with it, due to the 4:1 impedance mismatch. Now with the Fender, I was able to do a direct comparison of attenuated vs. unattenuated, and the PRX150 is TOTALLY transparent! I was able to get the Fender to its sweet spot (around 4 on the volume), and push the front end with my favourite OD pedals, and the result was fantastic, at very reasonable volumes. I've going to have some fun tonight...

Thanks for a great product!!

Regards, "
Adam Hen - Canada


" Compared to my previous attenuators, the PRX150-Pro is far superior! I have used (brand x and y passive attenuators), and the (brand z active attenuator). The PRX150 smokes them all. My search for an attenuator that can maintain the exact tone of my amp is finally over.

I just dial in the sweet spot on my 3 Monkeys Orangutan amp and use the PRX150 to bring it down in volume, while maintaining all of the amp's tone. Even in the Variable Attenuation mode, I don't lose any top end, dynamics or get any of that fizzy distortion that I did with the other brands of attenuators.

Jeff is a great guy as well. He stands by his products 100% and has been a huge help in my quest for the "Ultimate Tone". After buying the PRX150, I decided to get an ARACOM amplifier as well....more on that product a bit later.

For me, the PRX150 is an essential tool when I am performing live or recording in the studio. BUY wont regret it and your ears will thank you. "
Clint Morrison

Clint is a professional singer, songwriter and guitarist. Click here for Clint's PRX150 Audio Clips and more info on his work.


" Jeff,
I am really impressed with the PRX 150-Pro.

I have used it with my Tone King Imperial, a 30 watt 8ohm deluxe reverb clone, my Gabiel Voxer, with 16 ohm Celestian Blue cab and my Top Hat Emplexador, the only master volume amp I own.

The transparency is just incredible. I compared it to (brand x and y passive attenuators), and the (brand z active attenuator).

Your product wins hands down!!!!!!!!!

It is just as good if not better than the Power Scaling in my (brand x amp) also.

Thank you so much for your fine devotion and workmanship.

Best always,"
Peter Hodes

Peter is the lead guitarist for the Chicago-based band EversoJake. He brings his mastery of blues-based rock to every EversoJake show. Since 2004, EversoJake has been thrilling audiences in venues in the greater Chicago area. In 2007, the band completed its first international tour, and followed up on this success with another series of invited performances the following year. Be sure and check out more info on Peter's band at:


" To receive the unit weeks earlier than I expected was a very pleasant surprise and to have it perform flawlessly is very pleasing.

I read the included manual carefully and connected it between the Fryette Sig-X and matching Fatbottom 4x12 Cabinet with both configured for 16 ohm impedance. The PRX150-Pro performed exactly as described in the manual and website. As attenuation is increased the amplifiers harmonics and natural color are accessible at progressively lower volumes until full metal distortion and tube compression is achieved at conversational levels. It is a remarkable achievement and will in a practical sense make it possible for me to enjoy a much wider sound palette in a home setting with the accompanying aural assault being quietly converted to heat in the PRX150-Pro. I can discern no practical coloration at any level of attenuation.

I am thrilled with the product and consider it the (found) missing link in my enjoying playing electric guitar at home. It does exactly what you and the many testimonials and reviews say it will and represents excellent value for the quality and benefits it provides. As an additional bonus it will more that pay for itself in effects pedals not required to try and emulate what is now available at the turn of a dial.

My Stratocaster now sounds like a 57 should without risking the neighbours wrath. It is very liberating to hear at chamber music levels what would normally make the walls bleed and shatter the crockery.

Appreciatively Yours, "
Roger Costello - Australia


" … it is FREAKIN' AMAZING!!! I was also on the list for the (brand x passive attenuator), but... the fact the Aracom (PRX150-Pro) has impedence mismatching capabilities (which would have come in handy on more than one occasion!) sealed the deal for me- also, Jeff handled my emails personally- he took the time out to speak with me direct about my needs, my gear and how I planned on using the unit- not some confusing blanket email that had to be repeated again.......which is not to disrespect any other manufacturer, just stating the facts on why "I" chose the Aracom.

I'm a VERY VERY VERY happy camper- it is the most transparent unit I've ever used, period. Size and weight are not an issue- seriously? I can't believe someone even brought that up! How many guitars do you take to a gig? 2x12 cab? 4x12 cab? Back up amp? PA? Guitar stands? Pedal board? Gig bag? Its not like its a 200 pound 8x10 you have to lug up and down steps.... This thing has the potential to be a GIG SAVER!!!! Its one more piece of gear, but its a VERY useful piece of gear- more so than that 4th or 5th guitar I have to bring sometimes due to open tunings, etc....

I gotta give props where they are due- the ARACOM is a SOLID piece of USEFUL gear, period."

Scott Redding - The above quote is an excerpt, with Scott's permission, from his TGP post. Check out some of Scott's songs and guitar work at:


" Thanks Jeff for inventing the PRX150-Pro, the best attenuator ever!

It is the holy grail of attenuators, nothing even comes close to it!

The Power Rox attenuator is amazing and totally transparent I love it!!!

Keep up the good work."

Krister Bergman - Sweden

Krister uses the PRX150-Pro with his 1970 Marshall 100w SuperLead into a Marshall TV 4x12 with orginal Greenback speakers.


" My new Framus Dragon Amp loves the PRX150, it`s one of those amps that needs the power section cranked to sound good, that would never have been possible without your wizardy, at least not with tone integrity.

On stage, what can i say, the sound engineer told me to turn down the amp, and then turn it down again. man! I hate floor monitors. Funny to see his face when I turned down the PRX150 and not the amp itself.

My co-guitarist is envious like hell.

... I really need one more (PRX150).

I must tie a note that you have by far the most superior client handling, fast responses everyday!"

Johnni Streeter - Denmark

Johnni is the lead and rhythm guitarist for the Danish Metal Band "Meridian". He plays his Randall RM100ME and Framus Dragon amps through a 4x12 Marshall cab. This year Johnni's band "Meridian" was nominated for the Metal Audience Award "The Jack" at the Danish Metal Awards. Be sure and check out more info on Johnni, the Meridian band and their new CD "Inside The Machine" at:


" Stellar, Clean attenuation without any fuss.

Built like a Panzer.


Most noticeable, no change in color or tone with attenuation, even at bedroom levels. Remarkable.

Surprised (that the heat production is minimal).

Brilliant design."

Jack Gunn
Jack has purchased two PRX150-Pros and he will be using them in a stereo configuration.


" I have never had an attenuator. Have had some power scaling amps, and yeah, pretty good, but you really had to be near full to truly get the best tones. Got the Aracom PRX150 yesterday. It is amazingly pure and transparent. I kept having to turn it off to make sure I was hearing what I was hearing - and I was. And I'm a tone junkie. Wouldn't settle for anything but great.

I have a Budda SD18 II that I love the dirty channel on, perfect for AC/DC, ZZ, Floyd, etc. Can never crank it enough in bars (yes I know, it has a great master, etc.....) to get the best tone out of it....Now I can! Can't friggin wait. It was simply just lower volume, same great tone. Just had a ball playing to CD's at a volume level that is reasonable, and getting the tone I want, all the pinched harmonics, etc, its there.

Now I'll never use an attenuator to get down to whisper quiet levels, I was only notching my sound down 3, 6, 9 and 12 db's, and that's way more than I'll ever need. This will be an indispensable gigging tool for me, I'll take it to every gig, there will be a few where I don't need it (great!), but most I will. Hats off to Jeff at Aracom, who is 100% a complete professional and the communication was great.

Just wanted to let fellow TGP'ers know that IMHO, this is the real deal.....I would never play anything out that wasn't!!! (BTW, worked great with a Diezel and Kingsley as well!) "

Steve Pyett - The above quote is with Steve's permission from his TGP post.


" Your PRX150-Pro is awesome.

I use it with Reinhardt V50 and it's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Transparent is the word I never use when I describe the tone I got through an attenuator.

Man, you did it.

Thanks for your efforts on making such a great product.


KC Chang - Taiwan


" The PRX150-Pro is extremely transparent. Best attenuator I ever used. If the attenator wasn't "on" this amp (Reeves CP-103 100 watt) is LOUDER THAN HELL!! Loudest amp I ever owned! "

Carl Fiadino
Carl is an awesome player with great style and technique. He was kind enough to record and send us some video clips with the PRX150-Pro in use with his high-end 100 watt amps.


" Love mine, Jeff. It is the attenuator that I've been waiting for. Makes the Black Face Super Reverb and Heritage Colonial sing like Pavoratti

Thanks for a quality product. Quality never goes out of style."

Michael Plock


" Wow is all I can say. The tone was intact down the clicks all the way to the variable levels. What surprised me was that at the lowest variable setting there was almost no tone loss! At this level the only difference was the speaker thinning out due to it not being driven by much volume. I was so engrossed playing (and enjoying the power amp drive) that I didn't realize that the volume was only above TV levels. No wonder the wife didn't knock on the doors asking me to turn down ! Now I'm no longer afraid of non-MV amps.

And the unit came with a bonus. The variable input and output impedance selector! I can use it with any amp and cab configuration. That in itself is worth the price for me.

Kudos on an excellent product. Great fast shipping and well packed. The unit and its switches are tough and sturdy - well built."

Shah Razalli - Malaysia/Australia - Budda SD18 and Reinhardt 18 Amplifiers


" First I used it with my 2watt homemade valve head, which I run through 2 Celestion G12T100s. Results was impressive! I could run the amp flat out and it was still less loud than when I run it at halfway, with no perceivable difference in tone.

However, last night I ran it through my Peavey 5150 combo, and I gotta say, the results were simply incredible! I usually jam with this amp on 3 or so, and last night I had the post gain around 4.5 and it was only as loud as if it were on 2. I haven't heard the amp sound so good in years! Even when i had small gigs it wouldn't get much past 4.

To me, your attenuator is worth its weight in gold, as I don't play live anymore and rarely get much time to jam, I was thinking I would have to sell my larger amps, but now there's no need at all.

Thanks again Jeff, you've got a great product and I'll make sure I let everyone know about it. Cheers."

Paul Grasby - Australia


" I got the Power Rox and it is absolutely perfect! This attenuator truly is totally transparent, I just can't say enough about it. When this thing catches on with folks, I predict that Aracom Amplification will become a household name. . Heck, perhaps I could be your sales rep for the midwest :-) In all seriousness, congratulations on making such a great product…

I've been playing my cranked Granger Plexi through it all day today, and just can't believe what I'm hearing...even at variable bedroom volumes. You have created a piece of equipment that nobody thought was possible. Again, when this starts to catch on with more folks, you are going to need a large production facility to keep up with demand!

Thanks again for making this superb product available to all of us tone snobs. "

Jim De Young


" Two words……

It sucks because I can now spend all my time trying different cabs and amps of different ohm ratings that I could never try before.
It sucks because compared to my other attenuators it's like night and day.
It sucks because now I have two (brand X, active attenuator) that I have to sell.
It sucks because I have to now explain to my wife why I need two of these (PRX150-Pro attenuators).
It sucks because now I need to come up the cash for another one.

Other than that the PRX is AMAZING.

I like my quad EL84 amps and this not only makes them usable in a basement setting, but the sound improvement over the (3 other brand attenuators) is instantly noticeable. Even my friend who hates attenuators said that thing sounds great.

So put me on the list for another please and thanks for making a stellar product!"

Eric Smith


" Man this thing kicks ass! It really does exactly what attenuators are supposed to do. I can hear every nuance, harmonic, changes in tone and presence controls, everything perfectly and at all volume levels. I can attenuate a 50w plexi down to average TV volume without any change in tone. But it sounds so good though that I just keep turning it right back up.

The input and output impedance selectors are cool too. It is big though. Its slightly bigger than half the size of my small box plexi head. The only problem now is that I can really hear that my overdrive pedals are robbing some of the openness of the tone, and I like my EQ better now for boosting. I recently purchased a candy apple red Fender Yngwie Signature Strat. I'm getting that screaming shred tone at talking vol. /w no loss of highs and lows and no added compression I was getting from the other attenuators I've used. We spend way more on guitars and amps, and if you aren't cranking your amps power section, then you aren't getting close to as good of tone as is possible. The price is totally worth it for a lifetime of jaw dropping tone."

Michael Rial


" I played the attenuator with my Komet19 and some pedals in a band rehearsal and it sounded just great. Having set the amp to slight break up and pushing with an overdrive and/or a clean boost makes my rig so simple and versatile at the same time. This way, I get a very nice natural sound and feel at any level. With the line out feature it's so cool to have a bit of delay on a different amp. :)

At bedrooms level it sounds and feels really fantastic with my amps, even at maximum attenuation.

Thanks again for this smooth deal and good Communication."

Bernd Wohlfahrt - Germany


" I love the PRX-150 Pro! My guitar buddy David and I each bought one and recently got together to try them out with a number of amp and speaker combinations, including his Vox AC-30 and my Sovtek MIG-100, Fender Blues Deville 410, Fender Princeton Reverb reissue and Blackheart BH5H 5W head. Other speakers we tried (in addition to the speakers in the combo amps) included a Mojo 212 cabinet loaded with 2 Celestion Lead 80s and an old Victor movie projector cabinet loaded with an Eminence Cannabis Rex 10".

First, it was great to experience the overtones with the amps running at high gain settings. I already have some significant ringing in my ears from years of playing, so I never turn my amps up, and it was great to hear how the increased harmonic content affected the sound. Second, the impedance mixing capabilities allowed me to experiment with amp / speaker combinations that I couldn't try before, and made for some intriguing new tones.

Sound quality was excellent, and there seemed to be little or no discernable tone degradation at any attenuation level. While the high volume speaker crunch was missing, I was amazed to hear how little that seemed to play in the high gain sound compared to the tube saturation.

The appearance of the units is very classy. I first thought it might be a good idea to have all the controls on the front so one could see how it's set, but I guess that might also make it easier to turn the wrong dial and damage an amp.

All and all it's an amazing product, and one I've been recommending to a lot of people."

Matt Kennan


" I have to say it's the most transparent sounding and most versatile attenuator I've used. It doesn't seem to color the tone of the amp at all.

Thanks again,"

James Petrow


" I am extremely happy with the PRX150 - I connected as a single 8 ohm/8 ohm system today and found that this was a perfect level for matching levels to my stereo system for jamming at "bedroom" volume...I had all the tone, distortion and sustain as I had hoped I would...and I didn't want to stop playing!

I hope to have my final configuration in place by the end of next week but it is gratifying to know that I have the first half nailed!

Thanks again...I definitely made the right decision going with the is exactly what I was hoping for."

Gerry Pawluk - Canada


" The PRX150 is killer!

Just what I wanted, everything is working flawlessly. Tamed my Germino beautifully.

I can't imagine a better attenuator."

Jeremy Griego


" I recieved the PRX and I couldn't be happier. It sounds great with my Metro and Marshall 100 watters.It really keeps the amps dynamics intact even when attenuated down to bedroom or basement levels. The PRX sounds way better than the (brand x active attenuator) and (brand y passive attenuator)."

Mike - Canada


Scott's initial feedback:
"I just took delivery of the PRX-150 today and, after six solid hours of playing, I am duly impressed. When people need to hear it, I use my (brand x passive) attenuator at one of the two 2 minimum attenuation levels. But I use it most often at max attenuation for playing at bedroom levels since I moved to an apartment a few months back. The PRX sound is richer and fuller than the (brand x) at every attenuation level and at the higher attenuation levels (D,E,and F), the difference in sound quality is night and day. I'm hearing sounds at bedroom volumes (with the PRX150-Pro) that I normally hear only with the amp cranked and the (brand x) set for bypass or -4dB. This is going to force me to be a better guitar player because every tonal element - including those associated with picking/fingering mistakes - comes through loud and CLEAR! Plus it lets me mix and match heads and cabs which has been fun today, but will add crazy versatility to my rig on the road. The PRX-150 Pro has met or exceeded all of my expectations; in fact, in my opinion, a player would have to have some pretty serious hearing problems not to be blown away by this product, regardless of price. Some other person/company builds the "Ultimate" attenuator; you'd be more than justified calling yours the "Perfect" attenuator.

After going through so many guitars, amps, pedals, and other pieces of gear over the years it's always gratifying when I find a piece of gear that causes me to say with perfect conviction, "This piece of equipment will remain part of my setup forever!".

I also paid another visit to your website and noticed that you now have sound clips for the PRX that I had not noticed before. If I had, I probably would have made my purchase a year ago as the samples are very convincing! And now I can vouch for their accuracy.

Scott's follow up feedback:
I am in love with my PRX-150 Pro. I spend such a big proportion of my time playing at apartment volumes these last several months that I really had almost forgotten how my amps were truly supposed to sound. I knew that I had been missing some tone by using the Hot Plate but I never realized what a staggering difference your ground-breaking attenuator would make. It blows me away every time I fire up an amp and I'm really enjoying the process of re-learning how to set my amps and other gear for the tone I want because I can hear the amp as it was meant to be heard, regardless of volume. Do i still look forward to playing the amp loud whenever I have the chance (as will be the case this weekend!)? Yes, I definitely like to hear my guitar loud at least once in awhile but now I know that my cranked amp isn't going to give me any tonal surprises compared with my attenuated amp - it'll sound the same, only louder. Also, the PRX150 is coming with me anyway for practice, cab/amp matching, and in case I need back off the volume (I've always used an attenuator to back off volume, preferring to leave the amp master running at 75-80%).

Oh yeah, it will make my friends jealous, too, which is always desirable! In fact, that jealousy might just get you another order in a week or two.

Scott Payson


" I am blown away by this incredible box! I'm running a Marshall Class 5 through it and am just stunned at the even ended harmonics that still come through even at the highest level of attenuation. I must admit that when I first learned of the PRX150-P, I thought "Who in their right mind would pay so much for an attenuator?" Well, after having owned a $100 attenuator and a $200 attenuator, I decided to skip the $300-$400 class of attenuator and shoot for the stars, so to speak. Wow. I am so very glad I took the plunge.

I love playing guitar and the PRX150-P allows me to attain that glorious tube breakup everyone's always on about at levels that keep the triumverate happy. (Me, the wife, and the neighbors.) And it does so without sucking the life out of the amp. You have a fan for life here. "

Updated testimonial:

Just wanted to let you know that I am still LOVING my PRX150-PRO.

I recently became the proud owner of a '73 Marshall Super Lead (PCB… the very first year of Marshall PCB's.). One hundred watts of tinitus inducing thunder. I am just a hobbyist, not a pro player, but I've been through quite a number of low watt amps, and, to my ears, nothing beats the weightiness of a big iron amp, even when that amp is fully attenuated by the PRX150-PRO. I'm not kidding, either. I owned a Marshall Class 5 for a few months. There is NO comparison between the Class 5 running full out and the Super Lead attenuated by the PRX150-PRO. The Super Lead wins. And that would only be possible with the PRX150-PRO. I guess what I'm getting at is… if both amps were measured pushing the same db's, the Super Lead would win, hands down. And the Aracom allows that. So… once again…


Lang Murphy - Lang is an ex-drummer, a thirty year novice guitarist, and has recently dedicated himself to rising above the status of novice.


" I was able to take the attenuator out to a gig last Sunday and it worked out brilliantly!!

Obviously the more I play with it the better I'll get at finding the sweet spot, but as a testament to it I was able to play the full gig without using any of my distortion, volume or compression pedals! The power rox, my guitar and my amp were more than enough :D

I'll give an update as all the summer gigs start rolling in but for a first test drive it was amazing!

Nice one, and well done! :)"

Leon Barron - Ireland


" I bought a PRX150-Pro attenuator from you back in Dec 2009. After having lived with the unit for ~6 months I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this product. The transparency of this attenuator is hands down the best I have ever tried. The feel of the amp is preserved as well. Really, it is everything you claim it to be. Boastful marketing of competing products all make the same claims except they don’t deliver like your product.

Your workmanship appears to be very good too. Sometimes you just get what you pay for. This thing will never become obsolete in my gear roster! Thanks for making a clearly superior product.

Scott Shafer


" Having a herd of tube amps can occasionally be a problem. Trying different speakers with amps, mismatched ohms impedance etc.. I do most of my maintenance myself, or have a close friend that does repairs for me. I was an electronic tech in the US Air Force so I do have a background in electronics.

I’ve had some trouble doing a review on the ARACOM PRX because every time I plug into an amp with this little black box connected, I get carried away and lose track of time. I’ve tried several different Marshall and Fender amps through it the last one was the “blackfaced” 74 Super Reverb head that I was running through a boogie open-back cab (EVM 12L). The Super has a Bassman output transformer to allow it to run a 4 ohms..

I’ve been told over and over that the EV doesn’t color the sound like other speakers can, so that is a great test... the ARACOM PRX sounds amazing. It retains the highs and lows, dynamics are intact.

Bottom line... I went from seeing an attenuator as a necessary evil to seeing it as a valuable tool for the stage and studio.. "

Chris Lewis
Click here for Chris' PRX150-Pro audio clip


" I've been using the Aracom Attenuator for a few weeks now and I am really enjoying it! I've only used the (brand x passive attenuator) before this, but the difference between the (brand x passive attenuator) and the Aracom is huge. The most important thing for me is the feel of using the Aracom. My amps react the same way with or without the attenuation. Not to mention that I can have the volume of a 100 watt head through a 4x12 down to bedroom levels without losing my tone! Also, this thing is built very well and looks like it will be great for towing around with my band.

There are slight differences but it seems to me like it's the differences of the speaker load which cannot be changed. A speaker being pushed hard is just going to sound different than one that isn't.

Whether it's with my '68 Twin Reverb, Metroamp 100w plexi, or my '57 Gibson GA-45 this unit delivers. There is no need to look to future attenuator technology; the Aracom is perfectly transparent while still retaining the feel of a cranked amp directly connected to the speakers.

Thanks for everything Jeff. Couldn't be happier!

... and follow up feedback from TJ:

By the way, I use the aracom every single day. I’ve changed from only playing my big amps with bands and the rare occasion at home, to playing on them pretty much every single day. Consequently I’m just playing a lot more guitar now and I’m able to enjoy my gear on a consistent basis. This is without at a doubt one of the best gear purchases I have ever made."

TJ Smith


" I gave the attenuator a few hours of play and it sounds brilliant. By that I mean that it even breathed new life into my cab. I haven't heard the amp sound this good yet through my cab, even at higher volumes. Maybe your unit has better impedance matching than the cab itself? I'm not sure what it is but this is the first time I've heard an attenuator live up to the promise of good tone at a low volume.

Fantastic! Normally I'd spread the word but this is so good I may not tell my friends about it - my new secret weapon. :)

Again, I appreciate your great communication as well. All in all, I couldn't be happier!"

Bob M


" I just wanted to give you some feedback on the PRX150-DAG. I've been playing it for about a month now and I couldn't be happier. I'd avoided attenuators in the past because I didn't want to sacrifice tone for volume, but with the Aracom I can have it both ways. I might not have the best ears in the world, but it's more than accurate enough for me.

Thanks for everything,
Brett Sandberg


" My PRX-150 Pro arrived on schedule and was packaged beautifully. Your attenuator is wonderful!

I spent a few hours tweaking my amp to get it to sound like what I've heard in my head but have never been able to achieve. Now I can't stop playing! I've found my amp sounds great with the volume between noon and 1 o'clock. Without your attenuator I wouldn't be able to stand near it and enjoy playing (too loud for me....too many concerts back in the eighties!) But now, I can play anytime. I actually jam the most in the middle of the night when I get home from work. My wife hasn't heard a thing. The best part is it's just a lower volume. (I just finished playing for about 45 minutes before writing this) Those tubes are cookin' and giving up their sweetness without annoying anyone! This wonderful product has truly not only allowed me to play more, but has reinvigorated my love for the instrument. Playing guitar and trying new things is fun again. I once told you playing for me renews my soul. Well, thanks to this beautiful black box...I consider myself renewed!

Thanks again for such a fantastic product! You have earned my admiration and loyalty as a customer for life! I look forward to working with you in the future when I'm ready for a new amp, and/or any other new products you come up with in the future.

I wish you and your family all the best and thank you again for being such a stand-up guy and a great person to work with! You are truly one-of-a-kind!

Take care and I'll be sure to drop you an email from time to time and continue to update you with my feedback on your attenuator, as well as discuss your amp line in depth when I'm ready to buy.

Thanks again Jeff for all your help, info and outstanding customer service!

Ed P


" I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know that I'm loving the new Min/Max (Variable Attenuation) switch! Now I can play my Marshalls at night without pissing off the family or neighbors! I didn't think I could be more happy about this purchase, but you've gone above and beyond with this unit.

This is easily the best piece of equipment I've bought in a long time. I'll be recommending Aracom to all friends/bandmates. Thanks again for all your help!

From a very satisfied customer,"
Dan LaPel


" Just wanted to let you know that I received the PRX150-DAG in perfect condition. I am very pleased with it so far, though I have not yet had the opportunity to us it in a band setting. I find it to be very transparent and I can get some stunning, lush cleans out of my Vox AC30 Heritage (AC30H2L, no Master Volume Control) at low volume.

The build quality is fantastic and the components appear to be top-notch. While this is by far the most expensive attenuator I have ever purchased, I know that I will have it for many years and will happily include as a staple in my future studio plans.

Thanks for providing such a great product!
Shawn Peters - Canada


" WOW, WOW, WOW, wow, wow, wow.....holy smokes.....i've been playing with the Aracom (PRX150-DAG) for 2 days and neglecting my wedding duties. But thought i'd drop a quick note that this unit has blown me away. I was never able to crank up my amp to the levels they are at now....and I must really says that it really sings....its like...finally being able to unleash the beast...but not at deafening levels. My feedback on this goes beyond words....i'm happy....and most importantly my fiance is happy

The variable "bedroom" levels are great....but I don't like using it because all i end up really hearing is my guitar strings rather then music from my amp! Don't get me wrong...useful... option to have but when you're playing at those super low volumes anyways you might as well not use an amp~

Feedback and hum is also minimized...which i really thats a plus too. Well...i'd write more....but its cutting into my playing I gotta go~ Super great product...and i'm already telling all my friends.

Really appreciate you guys shipping international...sometimes its hard to get the goodies on this side of the world.
Li-Hao Shen - Hong Kong


" After spending a lot more time with the PRX150-Pro and my Bad Cat Black Cat, I almost can't stop playing. This attenuator is like a swiss army knife to MacGyver. It simply rules."
Mike Liu - Canada


" In short, it's (PRX150-DAG) the best on the market attenuator I've used - hands down.
You guys have a winner on your hands."

Royal Brit Music. Check out the vintage British valve guitar amps and pedals for sale at:

Thank you Royal Brit Music for purchasing three PRX150-DAG attenuators!


" Your attenuator (PRX150-Pro)is a great thing! Now I can hear the truly tone of my amplifier: Tight bass and smooth treble with jenty mids at low volumes!

Thank you for this cool device- my family is happy and quiet."
Kirill Eremin - Russia


Addition comments from Filippo F. Olivieri regarding how he values his PRX150-DAG attenuator as much as his prized vintage Marshall amplifiers:

" Here's why: I only play older design amps. These amps were loud. For years, decades, people had no truthful means to enjoy these amps in any situation, just in some. Even in the studio these amps were troublesome, especially so the 100 watters (my favorite ones). This has come to an end. I regularly bring the 100 watters down to less than one watt and I believe that I am recording good tones with them. "

Filippo F. Olivieri (Italy), founder of Click
here to see Filippo's Video clips of vintage Marshall amps through the PRX150-DAG


" I absolutely love my new attenuator (PRX150-Pro).

It’s what’s been missing in my set up for years.

I can know play my JTM45 and get that awesome tone without the ear busting volume.

Its hands down one of the best decisions I’ve made."

Kind regards,
Andrew Gaze - Tasmania, Australia


" The PRX150-Pro attenuator is really quite amazing. I haven't had a ton of time to play with it, but while briefly getting acquainted with it last night I was shocked at how much it sounded like... well, nothing at all (in a good way)! Sure, the speaker itself wasn't contributing its high-volume cone breakup, but at least my ears weren't bleeding.

Overall, the Power Rox (PRX150-Pro) seems to be one of those indispensible "swiss army knife" pieces of equipment that I think will come in handy for years to come. And I think you could sell LOTS of these to sound guys at all those little "intimate" music venues out there, to keep their performer's amps under control."

Thanks again,
Mark C


" I could have used one of these 15 years ago - I love it! I've been using the Step Attenuation on F, and the Variable Range on Max, with the associated control about 3/4 up. It seems, even on this low setting, to be very transparent - the guitar seems to react just as it does without the attenuator. I think I could probably coax a little more volume out of it and not get evicted, but I don't want to push my luck - hee hee hee.

Other than that, it's an excellent product - the best attenuator I've tried so far, and extremely useful. It's probably just as important as the amp itself.

Thanks again for this great piece of gear. I'm havin' a lot of fun with it!"
Sam Cordts


" Have been using the ARACOM (PRX150-Pro) for over 6 months now - great unit - and essentially, my Germino (Monterey amp) doesn't get switched on without running through it. Fantastic - my tone is the same regardless of the size of venue - thanks!

It has changed my whole approach to gear and playing (much more focused on playing than gathering gear now - as I can't get much better than my guitar into the Germino and out into a cab via the ARACOM). I do use a couple of pedals - particularly an anlogman sunface - but only to spice up my clean tone. My set-up is gloriously simple now.

Congrats on the ongoing success of the product"

Richard Blaze - Lead Guitarist "Wagons" band - Australia


" The Aracom (PRX150-DAG) is great great great... GREAT! The sound stays clear even at high attenuation.

The ARACOM is the best attenuator on the market !!!! "

Gontran Poirot - Luxemburg
Click here for: Gontran's PRX150-DAG Video Clips


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