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PRX150-Pro Power Attenuator
Audio and Video Clips - Page 9




Chris Lewis

Chris sent us four audio clips demonstrating a very practical use of the PRX150-Pro. As we are all aware, turning up an amp to its "sweet" spot or until the desired amount of distortion is reach, can be at an SPL (volume level) way beyond desired. In Chris' examples, each time he turns the volume of his amp, more attenuation from the PRX150-Pro is added to maintain a constant volume level. Chris' clips represent the amp's volume knob set between 3 and 8.5 on the dial indicator, with the PRX150-Pro set between 3 and 12 dB of attenuation, thus maintaining a constant SPL at the mic. Chris' clips goes from a beautiful country clean tone to a nice smooth and thick blues tone.

This is a very practical application of the PRX150-Pro for use at home, the studio or on stage, where you control the amount of tube breakup via the amp's Volume Knob, while using the PRX150-Pro to maintain a constant volume level.

Chris's Gear

Guitar: G&L S500
Effects: HBE CPR - Compressor
Amplifier: 1974 Fender Super Reverb(Custom Head Configuration, Master Volume deleted), 45 watts, 4 ohm Output
Cabinet: Avatar Traditional 212 closed back with vintage 30's (8 ohm Input)

* Chris used the PRX150-Pro's exclusive Impedance Matching feature to match the dissimilar amp and cabinet impedances.

Clip 1: Amp's Volume Knob = 3, PRX150-Pro Step Attenuation "A" (-3dB attenuation, 50% power reduction). At this volume knob setting, the amp is producing a beautiful "country" clean tone.

Clip 1 - PRX150-Pro Step Attenuation "A" (-3dB attenuation, 50% power reduction)

Clip 2: Amp's Volume Knob = 4, PRX150-Pro Step Attenuation "B" (-6dB attenuation, 75% power reduction). A bit more tube overdrive is heard in this clip.

Clip 2 - PRX150-Pro Step Attenuation "B" (-6dB attenuation, 75% power reduction)

Clip 3: Amp's Volume Knob = 6.5, PRX150-Pro Step Attenuation "C" (-9dB attenuation, 88% power reduction), with the tubes being overdriven more.

Clip 3 - PRX150-Pro Step Attenuation "C" (-9dB attenuation, 88% power reduction)

Clip 4: Amp's Volume Knob = 8.5, PRX150-Pro Step Attenuation "A" (-12dB attenuation, 94% power reduction). In this example, the amp is putting out nearly 45 watts, with only around 0.5 of a watt reaching the speaker cabinet. The amp is producing a wonderful, smooth overdriven tone, while the overall volume level is the same as in Clip 1. You will notice how well the mic records the tone at this "comfortable" volume level.

Clip 4 - PRX150-Pro Step Attenuation "D" (-12dB attenuation, 94% power reduction)

Chris' comments on recording the clip:
I used a G&L S500 guitar in the bridge pickup position for all clips, along with a HBE CPR Compressor, my 1974 Super Reverb in a custom head cabinet (Master Volume deleted, Bassman Output Transformer, converted to Blackface specs) into the PRX150-Pro with the Input Impedance switch set at 4 ohm, the Output Impednace Switch set at 8 ohm, into an Avatar Traditional 212 closed back cabinet, with Celestion Vintage 30's. Recorded with a Shure SM 57, with NO eq or changes/adjustments of any kind in Pro Tools.

Chris' comments on the PRX150-Pro power attenuator:
" Having a herd of tube amps can occasionally be a problem. Trying different speakers with amps, mismatched ohms impedance etc.. I do most of my maintenance myself, or have a close friend that does repairs for me. I was an electronic tech in the US Air Force so I do have a background in electronics.

I’ve had some trouble doing a review on the ARACOM PRX because every time I plug into an amp with this little black box connected, I get carried away and lose track of time. I’ve tried several different Marshall and Fender amps through it the last one was the “blackfaced” 74 Super Reverb head that I was running through a boogie open-back cab (EVM 12L). The Super has a Bassman output transformer to allow it to run a 4 ohms.

I’ve been told over and over that the EV doesn’t color the sound like other speakers can, so that is a great test... the ARACOM PRX sounds amazing. It retains the highs and lows, dynamics are intact.

Bottom line... I went from seeing an attenuator as a necessary evil to seeing it as a valuable tool for the stage and studio.. "


Chris Lewis a former U.S. Air Force Electronic Technician, has played in bands throughout the US, including; California, Arkansas, and Texas. He is now a full time musician, amp tech, and home studio producer-engineer. Chris plays part time with a country/rock group, although he does has a love for hard rock and metal also. Chris is currently working on his debut album. We love Chris' playing style and can't wait to hear his debut album!



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